Sunday, December 23, 2012

2012 Winter Giveaway

What do you want me to write about next?
 Leave a comment with: your answer, and the version (e.g. White 2) and friend code of the game you want your prize on.  The first 6 comments will get a shiny Voltorb chained from my Pearl.

**Remember, no duplicate answers.  If someone above you has the same answer, submit a new comment and you will still be eligible for the prize.**

Edit: the giveaway will end once all the shiny Voltorbs have been claimed, or on December 27 (which ever comes first).  I will be making another post, providing my 4th and 5th gen friend codes, and detailing when and how you can get your prize.


  1. Do the Avatar Mode Challenge and write about your experience. (what nation will you be?)
    White, 3482 9059 3134

  2. I would be interested if you were to do some sort of nuzlocke run and keep us posted with updates of things such as new pokemon you've caught and unfortunate deaths. Pokemon Black 2, Friend code on my ds: 1392-4126-0345. Game friend code:3654 9336 8902 I'm not sure which one you wanted :D